MEETING DATE Mar 01 2022

Meeting 3/1/22, 6:30 p.m.

ANC 6E Meeting, 3/1/22, 6:30 PM – Agenda (DRAFT)

1Call to Order and Roll Call36:30 PM
2Approval of Agenda16:33 PM
3Approval of Minutes16:34 PM
4PSA Report:  Metropolitan Police Department 1D106:35 PM
5PSA Report:  Metropolitan Police Department 3D106:45 PM
6Report of Mayor’s Office Reps (MOCRS)56:55 PM
7Remarks from Ward 5 Councilmember Kenyan McDuffie307:00 PM
8Report from Ward 2 Councilmember Pinto’s Office57:30 PM
9Report from Ward 6 Councilmember Allen’s Office57:35 PM
10Support for dLeña Request to Expand Sidewalk Café Seating [6E05]57:40 PM
11Support for Updating PUD Language Change for Capital Vista to Permit Day Care [6E07]57:45 PM
12Support for speed humps on the 400 block of Warner Street NW [6E02]57:50 PM
13Call for Significant Investments in Public Safety in FY23 DC Budget157:55 PM
14Resolution Recognizing the Columbian Harmony Cemetery in Square 475 and Supporting a Commemorative Work at this Site [6E02]58:10 PM
15Update from Ward 2 ANC Redistricting Task Force208:15 PM
16Update from Ward 6 ANC Redistricting Task Force208:35 PM
17Rock and Roll Half Marathon Update58:55 PM
18Approval of Treasure Report59:00 PM
19Approval of Expenses29:05 PM
20Announcements29:07 PM
21Next Meeting: Tuesday March 1, 202219:09 PM
22Adjournment09:10 PM