MEETING DATE Oct 02 2018

Meeting 10/02/18


October 2, 2018, 6:30 PM


Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library

1630 7th Street, NW

October 2018 Agenda

1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2. Approval of Agenda

3. PSA Reports: Metropolitan Police Department, 1D, 3D and 5D

4. Pepco: Requesting support for BZA Application for Mt. Vernon Substation

5. DC Reinvest: Request Support for a resolution reconsidering DC’s relationship with Wells Fargo and Community Development

6. Special Guest: Candidate for Ward 6 School Board Representative, Joe Weedon

7. Monument Realty: Proposal for 2 Patterson Street, NE.

8. Toll Brothers: Presentation on the application to be filed with the Office of Zoning seeking a (1) modification of the approved first stage PUD for the Sursum Corda site and (2) the second stage PUD approval for the South Parcel of the site.

9. Douglas Development: Requesting support for minor modifications in BZA application, 601 K Street, NW[6E05]

10. Zeppelin: Request for Support for New ABC License and Summer Garden, 1544 9th Street, NW[6E01]

11. Zeppelin: Request for Support for Public Space Permit for Restaurant Patio Seating, 1544 9th Street, NW[6E01]

12. Urban Capital Development: Request for Support for Historic Preservation Approval for Renovation and Addition, 1714 10th Street, NW[6E01]

13. Grodsky Development: Request for Time Extension and Modification of Consequence of BZA Approval, 1612-1614 7th Street, NW[6E01]

14. Holy Redeemer Catholic Church: Request for Support for Comprehensive Plan Amendment, 206 New York Avenue, NW[6E07]

15. DDOT: Request for Comments on Design Guidelines for Small Cell Master License Agreement, 1510 9th Street, NW[6E01]

16. 444 K St., NW: Request Support for HPRB application [6E05]

17. Old Business

18. Approval of Minutes of 9/4/18 Meeting

19. Approval of Treasurer’s Report

20. Approval of Expenses

21. Announcements

22. Next Meeting: Tuesday, November X, 2018, 6:30 PM – The first Tuesday of Nov. is Election Day – we will decide at this meeting when the Nov. Meeting will be held.

23. Adjournment