MEETING DATE May 07 2019

Meeting 5/7/19

May 7, 2019, 6:30 PM


Northwest One Library, Second Floor

155 L Street, NW

Washington, DC  20001



1. Call to Order and Roll Call

2. Approval of Agenda

3. PSA Reports: Metropolitan Police Department, 1D, 3D and 5D

4. Special Guest: DDOT – Future K Street Bike Lane

5. Special Guest: DC HealthLink – Changes to DC law Affecting Health Insurance

6. Special Guest: Director Andrew Trueblood, Office on Planning, and Deputy Mayor Lucinda Babers, Deputy Mayor for Operations and Infrastructure – Mayor Bowser’s FY20’s budget and investments in Ward 6.


7. Cambria Suites (899 O St., NW) [6E01]

8. Convivial (801 O St., NW) [6E01]

9. Glo-Lalibela (1608 7th t., NW) [6E01]

10. Giant (1400 7th St., NW) [6E01]

11. Cambria Suites (899 O St., NW) [6E01]

12. Bistro Bohem (1840 6th St., NW) [6E02]

13. Ottoman Taverna (425 I St., NW) [6E05]

14. La Betty (420 K St., NW) [6E05]

15. Busboys & Poets (450 K St., NW) [6E05]

16. Prather’s On the Alley (455 I St., NW) [6E05]

17. Texas de Brazil (455 Mass. Ave., NW) [6E05]

18. A Baked Joint (440 K St., NW) [6E05]

19. Madu (453 K St. NW) [6E05]

20. Shouk (655 K St., NW) [6E05]

21. Kinship (1015 7th St., NW) [6E04]

22. Alba Osteria (425 I St., NW) [6E05]

23. 600 Block of O Street, NW: Resolution re: Request for MPD Light Tower and Mobile Crime Camera on Saturday Nights. [6E02]

24. 600 Block of S Street, NW: Resolution Recommending Placement of New Capital Bike Share Station

25. 1600 7th Street, NW: Request for Support for Public Space Permit (Dacha Beer Garden)[6E01]

26. 1737 11th Street, NW: Request for Support for Plans for Brick Parapet Wall (Fleisher Group/R Street Development)[6E01]

27. 504 K St., NW: Consideration of a public space permit for an unenclosed sidewalk café for a 7/11 convenience store

28. Multiple Locations: Requests for Approval of Public Space Applications for 5G/Small Cell Antennas and Equipment (AT&T, Crown Castle, Verizon)[6E01, 6E02, 6E04, 6E05, 6E06, 6E07]

29. 925 Rhode Island Avenue, NW: Resolution re: Preferred Massing and Orientation of Proposed Banneker Academic High School (DCPS/DGS)[6E01]

30. DDOT Notice of Intent: Installation of all-way stop control at the intersection of 8th & Q Streets NW

31. DDOT Notice of Intent: Installation of all-way stop control at the intersection of 8th & P Streets NW

32. Old Business

33. Approval of Minutes of the 3/5/2019 and 4/2/19 Meetings

34. Approval of Treasurer’s Report

35. Approval of Expenses

36. Announcements

37. Next Meeting: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

38. Adjournment