MEETING DATE May 02 2023

Meeting May 2, 2023, 6:30pm

ANC 6E Draft Agenda 

May 2, 2023, 6:30pm 


Or Telephone:  +1 301 715 8592   

Webinar ID: 815 4065 5351 

Passcode: 448518 

Item Start Time End Time 
Call to Order and Roll Call 6:30pm 6:32pm 
Approval of Agenda 6:32pm 6:34pm 
Approval of April 4 Minutes 6:34pm 6:36pm 
Presentation from DOEE Director Jackson 6:36pm 6:51pm 
PSA Report: Metropolitan Police Department 1D 6:51pm 7:01pm 
PSA Report: Metropolitan Police Department 5D 7:01pm 7:11pm 
Updates from Ward 6 Councilmember Allen’s Office – Jeanne Mattison 7:11pm 7:21pm 
Update from Ward 6 Mayor’s Office Representative (MOCR) – Marcus Manning 7:21pm 7:31pm 
Presentation from the Office of Campaign Finance 7:31pm 7:41pm 
10 Request for support for administrative change to PUD to allow daycare use: 810 New Jersey Ave, NW (SMD 6E07) – Joel Patterson and Buwa Binitie 7:41pm 7:51pm 
11 Request for support for Public Space Permit (sidewalk café) – Alta Strada, 465 K St NW (SMD 6E02) – Debra Moye 7:46pm 7:56pm 
12 Request for Support for NoMa Meander (SMD 6E05) 7:56pm 8:11pm 
13 Presentation re: 7 New York Avenue, NW (SMD 6E05) 8:11pm 8:21pm 
14 Announcement from DC Public Library re: Northwest One Library (SMD 6E03) – Martha Sacoccio 8:21pm 8:26pm 
15 ANC 6E website 8:26pm 8:36pm 
16 ANC 6E Executive Committee Meetings 8:36pm 8:41pm 
17 Open Forum. Any commissioner or constituent may raise an issue for discussion. Limit is 2 minutes per item, plus ANC response, if required. 8:41pm 8:51pm 
18 Approval of FY23 Q2 Quarterly Financial Report 8:51pm 8:56pm 
19 Next Meeting: June 6, 2023 8:56pm 8:57pm 
20 Adjournment 8:57pm End