Agenda Request Portal

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission meets the first Tuesday of every month (except for August) to vote on official actions to support or oppose Resolutions, Applications, Licenses, Concept Designs, etc. These items are taken up by the Commission according to a preset agenda, which is formulated prior to the monthly meeting.

To be placed on the agenda, a party must provide the Commission with a copy of all relevant materials and information at least two weeks ahead of the monthly meeting (see below portal).

The party will also need to appear before one of the Commission’s Advisory Committees (Transportation, Alcohol, or Zoning – please find a description of Committees here). These Committees meet the week before the full ANC meeting (usually either on Tuesday or Thursday evenings). The Committee will make a recommendation to the full ANC, but the ANC will make the ultimate decision.

Please enter the required information below and submit the relevant documentation through the portal below (please enter “N/A” if question is no applicable):

    Optional Attachments

    Please submit all relevant information related to your request:
    1) Application for an Exemption or Variance:
    - Copy of application
    - Copy of construction plans

    2) Application for Alcohol license:
    - Copy of application
    - Plans for the establishment

    3) Historical Preservation Review Board:
    - Copy of the Concept Design
    - Construction Plans