MEETING DATE Oct 04 2022

Meeting 10/4/22, 6:30 pm

ANC 6E Meeting 10/4/22, 6:30 pm

Draft Agenda: PDF

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1Call to Order and Roll Call26:30 PM
2Approval of Agenda16:32 PM
3Approval of Minutes16:33 PM
4Election of Treasurer16:34 PM
5PSA Report:  Metropolitan Police Department 1D106:35 PM
6PSA Report:  Metropolitan Police Department 3D106:45 PM
7Report of Mayor’s Office Reps (MOCRS)56:55 PM
8Report from Ward 2 Councilmember Pinto’s Office57:00 PM
9Report from Ward 6 Councilmember Allen’s Office57:05 PM
10Report from Ward 5 Councilmember McDuffie’s Office57:10 PM
11Presentation from DC Water on Storm Water and Flooding Mitigation207:15 PM
12Presentation from 7-Eleven on Storefront at 1622 7th St NW [6E01]207:35 PM
13Support for Renewal of Class C Nightclub License for Cloakroom – 476 K ST NW (ABRA-087875) [6E05]57:55 PM
14Support for Zoning Relief for 1001 6th St. NW (501 K St Property Owner LLC) – BZA Application No. 20832 [6E06]108:00 PM
15Request to convert alley on the 600 Block of K St NW (655 K St NW Alley) from two-way to one-way southbound and add traffic calming measures [6E05]108:10 PM
16Resolution requesting that DDOT study conversion of unprotected bike lanes on Q & R Sts NW to protected bike lanes  [6E01; 6E02]108:20 PM
17Resolution requesting DDOT study conversion of unprotected bike lanes on 11th Street NW to protected bike lanes [6E01]108:30 PM
18Approval of Treasure Report28:40 PM
19Approval of Expenses28:42 PM
20Announcements18:44 PM
21Next Meeting: Tuesday November 8, 202208:45 PM
22Adjournment08:45 PM