POSTED DATE May 29 2014

Summer is here and time to get active at the June ANC 6E Meeting!

Come see your Commissioner at the June 3rd meeting!  We would love to see  you.






June 3, 2014, 6:30 PM


Northwest One Library

155 L Street, NW



  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. PSA Reports: Metropolitan Police Department
  4. 302-304 M Street, NW: Request for Support for Zoning Relief to Allow an Addition to an Existing Row House and Construction of a New One-Family Dwelling (Fenton 302/304 M St, LLC)
  5. 1740 New Jersey Avenue, NW: Request for Zoning Relief to Allow Renovation of and Addition to Existing Building for Residential Use (Newton Street Development 3, LLC)
  6. 1500 Block of 7th Street, NW, West Side: Request for Support for Minor Modification of Planned Unit Development (Jefferson Apartment Group/Kelsey Gardens Property Company)
  7. 321 New York Avenue, NW: Request for Support for Historic Preservation Approval for Construction of New Mixed Use Building
  8. 440 K Street, NW: Request for Support for New ABC Retailer’s Class A License Beverage Sales Permit (Grand Cata, LLC)
  9. 1501 9th Street, NW: Request for Change in Hours for ABC Retailer’s Class C License (Mandalay Restaurant)
  10. Presentation on Census Jobs Availability ( U.S. Census)
  11. Consideration of ANC Grant Applications
  12. Other New Business
  13. Old Business
  14. Approval of Minutes of 05/06/14 Meeting
  15. Approval of Treasurer’s Report
  16. Approval of Expenses
  17. Announcements
  18. Next Meeting: 07/01/14
  19. Adjournment

Commissioner Contact Information:


6E01 Commissioner Alexander M. Padro, Chair:padroanc@gmail.com202-518-3794

6E02 Commissioner Kevin L. Chapple, Treasurer:chappleanc@aol.com202-449-5072

6E03 Commissioner Frank S. Wiggins:,202-658-1560

6E04 Commissioner Rachelle P. Nigro, Vice Chair:nigroanc6e@gmail.com202-670-1732

6E05 Commissioner Marge Maceda, Secretary:mmacedaANC6E05@gmail.com202-360-7404

6E06 Commissioner Alvin O. Judd, Sr.: aoj1126@gmail.com301-440-3836

6E07 Commissioner Alfreda S. Judd: 202-628-6717