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MVTCID: Making Great Things Happen in 6E05!

New restaurants and apartment buildings are part of the exciting plan for future residents of the Mount Vernon Triangle area, which is all happening in ANC 6E05.  Instrumental in this fast paced development is the Mount Vernon Triangle Community Improvement District. (MVTCID)

At the helm of MVTCID is the President of the MVTCID, Claire Schaeger Oleksaik. Ms. Oleksaik brings extensive experience to the organization.  She comes from the Capital River Front Business Improvement District, where she was Deputy Executive Director and had a large role in the making of the Yard Park in SW.   She was drawn to the Mount Vernon Triangle area because of the strong combination of growth in both retail and residential.

A Community Improvement District enhances the economic vitality of this area by strengthening the role of the community as a center of commercial activity.  Increased property values promote business development for all those who live and work in the neighborhood, and help develop community pride.  In addition to fundraising, MVTCID is partially funded by taxes from the businesses and residential properties.  A major part of the MVTCID is the Clean Team.  The Clean Team helps to maintain the public spaces around the neighborhood. (You will see them around the neighborhood dressed in blue uniforms cleaning and sprucing up the neighborhood).

There is also a strong partnership with the Metropolitan Police from the First District.  The CID received a grant from ABRA to help support the increased use of beat cops. Currently the CID has the lowest crime rate of any BID/CID in the city.

The MVTCID has indicated that their current emphasis is on placemaking.  Placemaking is when public space is created to highlight a community’s assets and potential. One of these spots would be the corner of 5th and K St. As a hub for events such as the Fall Fun Day and the Santa Claus meeting, it has become an area people are drawn to.  MVTCID has also noted concern about the much needed green space. With the future 5th and I St. project in the future, a green space has been asked to be part of the development.  Also, the brand new American Association of Medical Colleges building on K St. will add daytime foot traffic to restaurants and local businesses.

MVTCID is looking forward to connecting more with the growing community and is open to what the residents and business would like for the area.  MVTCID emphasizes doing surveys to see what business residents want for their neighborhood, especially what type of retail is desired.  The organization would also like to engage community members to volunteer at future fun events.

The MVTCID is putting the neighborhood on the map!  Further information can be found at , on Twitter @MVTCID, or on Facebook

ANC 6E is now on YouTube!  Search: ANC 6E  Log on to watch our monthly meetings.

Commissioner Contact Information

6E01 Commissioner Alexander M. Padro:, 202-518-3794

6E02 Commissioner Kevin L. Chapple:

  •, 202-449-5072

6E03 Commissioner Frank S. Wiggins:

  •, 202-658-1560

6E04 Commissioner Rachelle P. Nigro:

  •, 202-670-1732
  • Twitter: @nigroanc6e

6E05 Commissioner Marge Maceda:

  •, 202-360-7404

6E06 Commissioner Alvin Judd

  • 301-440-3836

6E07 Commissioner Alfreda S. Judd:

  • 202- 628-6717








ANC 6E December Meeting Highlights

The December meeting of ANC 6E took place on December 4th, 2013. Information from the meeting included:

Resolution Requesting That DDOT Conduct A Traffic Study In The 400 Block Of Warner Street And To Install Appropriate Traffic Calming Measures
MOTION: Commissioner Padro moved and Commissioner Wiggins seconded that ANC6E request that DDOT conduct a traffic study specifically to seek the installation of traffic calming measures, that ANC 6E support the installation of these measures subject to the DDOT study, and that said support be communicated in writing to DDOT.  The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Nigro, Padro, Maceda, Wiggins, Judd, Sr.) – 0 nays – 0 abstentions.


Request For Support For The Public Space Patio Application For Le Pain Quotidien, 433 Massachusetts Avenue, Nw
Commissioner Maceda introduced Chris Briscoe of Restaurant Consultants who spoke in support of the Public Space Patio Application for Le Pain Quotidien.  Le Pain Quotidien will occupy the old Lido Pizza space between 4th and 5th Streets, NW.  He stated that there will be 24 outdoor seats with five umbrellas and two handicapped seats.  He added that there is an existing pathway that will remain open to the public.
MOTION: Commissioner Maceda moved and Commissioner Padro seconded that ANC6E support the Public Space Patio Application for Le Pain Quotidien, 433 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, and that said support be communicated in writing to DDOT and the Public Space Committee.  The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Nigro, Padro, Maceda, Wiggins, Judd, Sr.) – 0 nays – 0 abstentions


Presentation By Rito Loco, A New Restaurant At 606 Florida Avenue, Nw And Request For Support For A Special Exemption To Be A Quick Food Service Restaurant
Louie Hankins, Owner of Rito Loco, spoke regarding his new restaurant at 606 Florida Avenue, NW.  Rito Loco is currently a food truck operating in D.C.  He noted that Rito Loco won “Best Food Truck” in 2013 and recently received  certifications by the U. S. Healthful Food Association.  Everything is made from scratch with no fillers.  Rito Loco has been well received by students at Howard University.  Rito Loco intends to take over the space formerly occupied by a barber shop.  There will be security inside and outside the building.
In regard to the Request for Support for a Special Exemption to be a Quick Food Service Restaurant, the application is going before the BZA on January 14, 2014.
MOTION: Commissioner Padro moved and Commissioner Judd, Sr. seconded that ANC6E table approval of the Special Exemption to be a Quick Food Service Restaurant until ANC 6E’s January 8, 2014 Public Meeting.  The Motion passed, 3 yeas (Commissioners Padro, Judd, Sr., and Wiggins) – 2 nays (Commissioners Nigro and Maceda) – 0 abstentions


Community Impact Statement – Jahlani Benjamin Brown:   Martin Moulton, member of the Public Safety Committee, provided a copy of a draft letter from ANC 6E to DC Superior Court Judge John Ramsey Johnson encouraging the judge to give the maximum sentence possible to Jahlani Benjamin Brown at his Felony I sexual assault sentencing hearing on January 10, 2014.
MOTION: Commissioner Wiggins moved and Commissioner Padro seconded that ANC6E support the Community Impact Statement to be submitted ten (10) days prior to the Felony I sexual Assault sentencing hearing of Jahlani Benjamin Brown on January 10, 2014.  The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Nigro, Padro, Maceda, Wiggins, Judd, Sr.) – 0 nays – 0 abstentions.

January ANC 6E Agenda Highlights

The next meeting of ANC 6E will take place on Wednesday, January 8th,  2014 at 6:30 pm at the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library, 1630 7th St., NW.  ANC 6E meetings are open to the public and attendance by community members is encouraged.  The agenda will include:

  1. ANC 6E Officer Election
  2. PSA Report: Metropolitan Police Department 3D
  3. Request for Support for a Special Exemption to be a Quick Food Service Restaurant, Rito Loco,  606 Florida Ave. NW
  4. Discussion and support for parking for the Immaculate Conception Church at the future  8th and O St. Development.
  5. Discussion about 5th and I St. Developer Presentations.
  6. Support for a Stipulated Liquor License, Le Pain Quotidien, 433 Massachusetts Ave. NW
  7. Presentation by Richard Sandoval Restaurants about the future restaurant at 7th and Q St.
  8. Old Business
  9. Vote on Future Location for the Monthly ANC 6E Meetings & the Calendar for Meetings
    1. Approval for ANC 6E Participation in ANC Security Fund.