March 2013 Minutes

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E

Public Meeting

Wednesday, March 25, 2013



Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E convened at the Metropolitan Community Church on Monday, March 25, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.   Commissioner Nigro presided.




Alexander M. Padro, ANC 6E01

Kevin L. Chapple, ANC 6E02

Frank Wiggins, ANC 6E03

Rachelle P. Nigro, ANC 6E04

Marge Maceda, ANC 6E05


Vacant— ANC 6E06

Alfreda Judd, ANC 6E07



  1. I.              CALL TO ORDER AND ROLL CALL

    The meeting was called to order at 6:04 p.m.  The roll was called and the presence of a quorum was noted.

  2. II.            APPROVAL OF AGENDA

  3. III.           ANC 6E06 Election


Motion: Commissioner Nigro motioned and Commissioner Padro seconded that ANC 6E approve that the 6E06 election be on April 3, 2013 at 6:30pm at the RH Terrell Recreation Center at 155 L St. NW.  The motion passed unanimously.


Names were drawn for the ballot to be in the following order:

  1. 1.    Donna Hubert
  2. 2.    Alvin Judd
  3. 3.    Venus Little
  4. IV.          Discussion of the 5th and I St. Project


Commissioner Nigro stated that the 5th and I St Development project will soon be back out for bidding.  The Deputy Mayor’s Office for Economic Development is seeking a letter of recommendation for the project and 6E is  being asked to consider the following items for the development.


-Design/architectural excellence


-Use; residential, office, retail, mixed use

-Degree/percentage of affordable units for the development

-Retail and job types preferred

-How the ANC recommendations support the Comprehensive Plan and Mt Vernon Triangle Action Agenda language for this site

-Additionally, other aspects as deemed by the ANC to be important, which will enable the RFEI respondents/developers to better understand what the community is seeking


Commissioner Nigro would like more of a historic looking building, high density, mixed use, and the highest percentage allowed for affordable housing. She would like service oriented businesses and would like developer to work in green space.

Commissioner Padro would like recreation space to be considered to benefit the residents. He would like the full cost of development of green space to be paid for by the developer. For design emphasize architectural excellence and maximum amount of affordability and flexible on retail.

Commissioner Wiggins would like mixed use and be opening and inviting and create jobs for the community

Commissioner Chapple would like the Commission not to be too far off the mark for what the city wants and stay within the guidelines yet give weight to the resident’s desire.

Commissioner Maceda had concerns about notification of release of Dononhoe from the project. She gave options that the community wanted:

Options include to reinstate Donohoe as the developer but plan be modified to include green space.  In addition she would like 3rd and I Space used as dog park

Second plan space would be used for community amenities like center for classes and a playground.

The third option is to build office/residential building with ADU housing. Include a green space area park/playground area as part of the development. The dog park will be built at 3rd and Eye.

The last option is to send out a new RFP with all the community wants and needs and start the process over again, but the dog park would be built at 3rd and Eye Street


Commissioner Maceda was informed by the Deputy Mayor that the entire parcel could not be used for community space. As far as retail option preferred are an organic supermarket, gift shop and clothing store.  Would like a LEED certified building.  All commissioners would like project to happen soon.


One resident stated she feels community retail is more important than affordable housing. Erik Kuegler of Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association would like the original Donohoe option to continue. Ron Swada would like senior housing. Martin Moulton would like housing for city workers like police and teachers. Jad Donohoe of the Donohoe Companies would still like to move forward with the plan that includes hotel and the art gallery. Majorie Goldberg of Zenith Gallery would also like to move forward with the Donohoe plan



  1. V.           MID City East Small Area Plan

Presentation given by Joyce Tspas of the Office of Planning highlighted the North Capital area, Bates Hanover area, and Sursum Corda.  The Office of Planning will be listening to the residents for opportunity for retail, public safetly and development opportunity. Sursum Corda residents would like mixed used and additional density.  To get community involved the Office of Planning will do tours and community office hours to get feedback.



  1. VI.           Approval  of Expenses


  • Commissioner Chapple moved and Commissioner Maceda seconded that Commissioner Nigro be reimbursed $433.54 for the Kinkos printing of the February newsletter. The motion passed 5-0-0.
  • Commissioner Chapple moved and Commissioner Wiggins seconded that Commissioner Nigro be reimbursed $414.81 for the Kinkos printing of the March newsletter. The motion passed 5-0-0.
  • Commissioner Chapple moved and Commissioner Padro seconded that Commissioner Nigro be reimbursed $9.53 for the ANC 6E. The motion passed 5-0-0.
  • Commissioner Chapple moved and Commissioner Nigro seconded that Commissioner Maceda be reimbursed $34.00 for the 6E binders
  • Commissioner Chapple moved and Commissioner Nigro seconded that Commissioner Maceda be reimbursed $100 for the St. Patrick Day Festival Craft items giveaways.


  1. VII.         Announcements

-Commissioner Nigro will have a Social Media Mixer on March 27th

-Commissioner Padro announced that on March 27th the Shaw Main Streets Best of Shaw event.