February 2015 Minutes

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E

Public Meeting

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E convened at the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library, 1630 7th Street, N.W., Washington, DC, on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 6:30 p.m.




Marge Maceda, Chair, ANC 6E05

Alexander M. Padro, Vice Chair, ANC 6E01

Antonio D. Barnes, Secretary, ANC 6E06

Rachelle P. Nigro, ANC 6E04

Frank S. Wiggins, ANC 6E03




Kevin L. Chapple, Treasurer, ANC 6E02

Alfreda S. Judd, ANC 6E07





    The meeting was called to order 6:30 p.m. The roll was called and the presence of a quorum was noted.  Commissioner Maceda introduced herself as the new Chair of ANC 6E.  She stated the format of this meeting will differ somewhat from the usual meetings in that an Open Forum will be held to hear from residents on what they feel the Commission should be doing and to address any issues or problems they have.


    MOTION: Commissioner Padro moved and Commissioner Nigro seconded that the Agenda be approved as submitted. The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Nigro, Padro, Maceda, Wiggins, and Barnes) – 0 nays – 0 abstentions.


Crime statistics for the past 30 days are as follows:

Offense 1D (PSA 103) 3D (PSA 308)
1/3/15 to 2/3/15 1/3/15 to 2/3/15
Homicide 0 0
Sexual Abuse 0 0
Robbery Excluding Gun 2 1
Robbery with Gun 0 0
Assault Dangerous Weapon Excluding Gun 3 0
Assault Dangerous Weapon With Gun 0 2
Violent Crimes Total 5 3
Burglary 1 2
Theft 23 24
Theft from Auto 15 24
Stolen Auto 6 3
Arson 0 0
Property Crimes Total 45 53

Lt. Brian Murphy 1D (PSA 103) reported on crime for the last 30 days compared to the previous 30 days.  He reported that Violent Crime was down 57%, Robberies are down, and Assaults with Dangerous weapons are down 50%.  Property Crime is up 28%.  Total Crime for PSA 103 is up 13%.

Commissioner Wiggins asked whether there were any leads regarding stolen mail/packages.  Lt. Murphy responded that these crimes generally occur during the holidays.  He stated PSAs 107/108 have had a rash of these thefts and they were successful in capturing the individual(s) due, in part, to residents installing their own video cameras.

Officer Berlin 3D (PSA 308) reported on crime for the last week per the following:  no robberies, 1 sound of gunshots, no assaults with deadly weapons, two burglaries, 0 auto thefts, and five thefts from autos.  He reiterated that out of town guests should lock their belongings in the trucks of their vehicles before they get to their destination and that vehicles with out-of-state plates are targeted.  He stated that theft of mail is not as prevalent here, but increases during the holidays.

5D (PSA 501):  Commissioner Nigro invited Cdr. Dierdre Porter from 5D to the meeting because of an increase in the loitering of homeless persons, defecation in alleys, and trash in her Single Member District, particularly in the blocks east of New Jersey Avenue, north of New York Avenue and West of New York Avenue.

Cdr. Porter reported on crime for the last 30 days as follows:  Two (2) Burglaries (one today and the other in the 1200 block of Kirby Street), two Thefts from Autos.  The main complaints from this District are trash, loitering of homeless persons, and defecation in alleys.  She has reached out to the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH).  She stated that shelters are only open at night, so the homeless loiter during the day time.  She noted that there needs to be a multi-agency approach and that DBH needs to get involved.  Patrols will be increased in the area.

Commissioner Nigro raised the following:  (1) there have been photographs and videos of individuals urinating and defecating and that this happens about every 30 minutes.  Cdr. Porter responded that they can only be arrested if the police officer actually sees the act in progress; (2) she asked about the shootings on New York and New Jersey Avenues.  Cdr. Porter responded that this was only the sound of gunshots.  The shooting at the barber shop is still open. 


    Commissioner Wiggins spoke regarding Marvin Butler who is being sentenced on March 6, 2015 for possession of heroin and a weapon.  A Community Impact Statement is being written by Martin Moulton on behalf of the ANC 6E Public Safety Committee to D. C. Superior Court Judge Juliet McKenna and her colleagues.  

    MOTION: Commissioner Wiggins moved and Commissioner Padro seconded that ANC 6E support the Community Impact Statement regarding the sentencing of Marvin Butler written by Martin Moulton on behalf of the ANC 6E Public Safety Committee to be submitted to Judge Juliet McKenna and her colleagues.  The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Maceda, Padro, Nigro, Wiggins, and Barnes) – 0 nays – 0 abstentions.


    Steve O’Brien, attorney, and Hakan Yelon Owner of Alba Osteria restaurant at 4th & I Streets, NW, spoke regarding their request for support for an ABRA license for L’Hommage Restaurant, a French bistro, located at 450 K Street, NW directly across from City Vista.  They met with ANC 6E’s ABC Committee and have complied with two of its requests:  (1) to limit their hours to midnight; and (2) limit the number of times entertainment is presented during the course of the year.  They asked that ANC 6E consider favorably their request for support for an ABRA license.

    Commissioner Padro advised that the ABC Committee voted unanimously to recommend to the full ANC that this application be supported with the provision that the Settlement Agreement be incorporated as part of the license application.

    Commissioner Maceda moved and Commissioner Padro seconded that ANC 6E support the request for support of L’Hommage Restaurant, 450 K Street, NW, for an ABRA license, that the Settlement Agreement be included as part of the application, and that said support be communicated in writing to the ABC Board and ABRA.   The Motion passed 4 yeas (Commissioners Nigro, Padro, Maceda, and Wiggins)   – 0 nays – 1 abstention (Commissioner Barnes).

  3. introduction – charles allen, ward 6 councilmember

    Chair Maceda introduced Charles Allen, Ward 6’s newly elected Councilmember. Councilmember Allen stated he has been on the job for four weeks and has met with all the ANCs.  He stated that Ward 6 is the largest Ward in the city.  He has a number of legislative initiatives:  (1) he has introduced legislation to help small businesses; (2) he has introduced a bill entitled “Books From Birth” which will mail a book to each child in the District every month from birth through age five, while also working to connect families with the full range of DC Public Libraries resources and educational information, including adult literacy and early childhood programming.   (3) he supports legislation to maintain neighborhood parking – Zone 2 Residential Parking Permit (RPP) rather than Zone 6 RPP.

    There have, however, been some challenges:  (1) the tragic fire on Metro.  There was a hearing into what happened and why.  He felt the first responders did a good job in getting to the scene, but the equipment did not allow them to do their job; (2) Financial:  there is an $80 million gap in the DC budget for the current fiscal year.  This can be addressed and the City Council has been trying to come up with shared solutions.  The City Council will review the budget in April and pass the budget in May.  He stated that the Council needs to be smart about where it is going to find the dollars.

    He introduced Naomi Mitchell who is a key member of his team.  He provided his contact information to residents:  telephone:  202-724-8072; email:  callen@dccouncil.us

    A question and answer period followed.

    • Rachelle Nigro wished the Councilmember good luck with the parking situation and stated that he needs to get the rest of the Council behind him to resolve the situation.
    • Larry Green with Springfield Baptist Church reiterated the parking problem.
    • David Jaffee – 200 block of N Street – stated he has Zone 6 parking and not Zone 2.  Allen will look into this and get more information.  Chair Maceda stated that any information received will be put in the newsletter.

    • Leroy Thorpe — (1) spoke about the parking issue and stated that condo owners are forced to pay for their parking and many of them are parking on the street to avoid paying; (2) stated he would like the Councilmember to consider the diversity of the population when he meets with them.
    • Thomas Bowen of Shiloh Baptist Church – asked how they can get involved with the “Books from Birth” program. The Councilmember responded that he can send him an email.  He also mentioned two other programs, “Reach Out and Read,” and “First Books DC.”
    • A resident stated that when it comes to projects in the community, many residents do not have access to computers and do not know that these events are going on. Councilmember Allen stated that newsletters can be used as well as having a physical presence in the community.  He encouraged residents to invite him to various functions.
    • Chris Suggs, Site Manager, for the R. Terrell Recreation Center, stated that the Center is trying to look at more programs for adults, as right now emphasis is directed more towards children’s programs. He requested additional information from the Councilmember.
    • A resident spoke about the parking issue. He stated that when homes are built on vacant lots, the home should be of a similar structure as the home that was previously there.  Councilmember Allen stated he is trying to eliminate “pop ups.”  He also stated that there is lot of different zoning on the blocks which can be problematic.
    • Rebecca James – 1600 block of 5th Street – stated that an effort should be made to get young people out to teach adult literacy.
    • Johnson of First Tabernacle (4th & NY Avenue) stated that their outreach deals with Wards 7 and 8 because they have not been able to find a government agency that does the same kind of outreach for the community and it appears that this ward does not deem itself high risk. She asked whether he could direct her to a group with which they could partner.   The Councilmember responded he and Naomi Mitchell will connect her to Ward 6 social organizations.
    • Commissioner Frank Wiggins asked about the budget shortfall and what types of programs will be cut. Councilmember Allen responded that one of the measures involves the DC General shelter (which is completely full).  There is a new program called “Housing First” which puts homeless families into hotels at half the cost of trying to house them at DC General.  He also stated that he would like to hear from the ANCs during the Council’s Budget Hearings.

  • introduction – ward 6 liaison from mayor bowser’s office

    Chair Maceda introduced Frank Maduro (contact info: maduro@dc.gov; 202-538-0313), Ward 6 Liaison from Mayor Bowser’s Office.  He stated that the recently held Mayor’s Open House was an amazing success.  He also stated the Mayor is committed to engaging residents and learning what is needed in the community.  She is open to listening to all Commissioners and wants to make sure that the budget meets the needs of the community.  She stated there will be a Budget Town Hall Meeting at Dunbar High School, 101 N Street, NW, on Monday, February 23, 2015 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.  The Mayor wants to make sure there are tangible solutions to the problems.

  • open government advisory GROUP presentation

    Commissioner Nigro introduced Justin Grimes. He is a new resident in the area and has recently been appointed to the Open Government Advisory Group.  The group’s purpose is to evaluate the District’s progress towards meeting the requirements of the Transparency, Open Government and Open Data Directive (Mayor’s Order 2014-170 issued in July) and make specific recommendations for improvements.  The Group has 15 members, meets infrequently, and their hearings are televised both on-line and on TV.  The group advises the Mayor and agencies on how to strengthen the transparency, accountability, and promotion of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) laws.  The group also provides access to government information and takes public comments. 

  1. garrison elementary pta: request for support for changes to school

    Commissioner Padro stated that the Commissioners will recall that last year 6E supported full funding for the modernization and replacement of the Garrison Elementary School.  While there has been funding in place for some time to begin this project, the Department of General Services (DGS) has not moved very quickly on this, with the result that Mayor Bowser is proposing to reprogram the funds for Garrison and put it off for another year.  The kids there that have special needs and physical challenges cannot even get to the Principals’s office and the second floor and, as a result, parents are sending their kids to other schools.  He stated that a school is needed to serve the students.

    He introduced Chris Sondreal of the Ward 2 Education Network.  Sondreal stated the three ANCs in Ward 2 and 1E will be considering draft resolution language that the Mayor not reprogram the funds and that they be made available immediately.

    MOTION: Commissioner Padro moved and Commissioner Nigro seconded that ANC 6E send a letter to Mayor Bowser and to the Deputy Mayor for Education, with a copy to Councilmembers representing Wards 1, 2, 5, and 6, indicating its support for retaining the current budget for the modernization of Garrison Elementary School and opposing the proposed reprogramming which would defer the beginning of the process of building the new school for Garrison until FY 2016.  The Motion passed, 4 yeas (Commissioners Nigro, Padro, Maceda, and Wiggins) – 0 nays – 1 abstention (Commissioner Barnes).


    • Leroy Thorpe – (1) congratulated Commissioner Maceda on her election as ANC 6E Chair; (2) would like to see the Commission continue getting information out to the community, particularly regarding development issues with local leaders and tenants’ associations.

      Commissioner Maceda stated she chairs the Committee for Planning, Zoning and Environment which meets the last Thursday of the month and invited him to attend meetings so that he knows what is going on.

    • Maurice Wilkins – DC Public Schools – represents Wards 5 and 6 – stated that the Office of Family and Public Engagement is launching a new initiative. The “Everyone Everywhere Community Engagement Campaign” provides members of the DCPS community an opportunity to host and/or participate in small group discussions with their peers regarding important school topics.
    • Nadia Johnson, President of the Heritage at Shaw Station Tenant Association, voiced the following concerns: (1) there has been a lot of violent crime in the neighborhood and what is the plan for curtailing it; (2) what is the plan to keep the public housing that is currently in the neighborhood; (3) how can the unemployment rate be curtailed and how can the education rate for adult literacy and adult education be improved.

      Commissioner Padro responded to her questions in the order they were presented:  (1) the ANC has been actively engaging with MPD where she is located and is trying to schedule a meeting with Assistant Chief Grooms so that the ANC can coordinate all the different agencies responsible for safety.  The Heritage at Shaw Station Tenant Association will be invited; (2) There is no public housing in this neighborhood; this neighborhood has subsidized housing which have long-term contracts on them so there is no risk those units will be lost in the near future.  Parcel 42 was RFPd three times by the City and recently awarded to Ten Square Group.  Ten Square has now had those development rights withdrawn by the Deputy Mayor’s Office, so the process will be starting all over again; (3) these are issues

      where we will see what kind of “Best Practices” our Department of Employment Services (DOES) can come up with.  He also spoke with the new Director of DOES and gave her the example of the “Clean and Safe Team” that operates where ex-offenders are hired and paid a living wage and benefits, thus being able to transition from incarceration to gainful employment.   We will have a new Shaw Middle School in the neighborhood eventually and we want the new school to incorporate adult education.  Construction will start in 2018 and completion is expected in 2019.

    • A new resident in the community stated that the new Mayor should be given a chance. He also asked what is being done about the potholes on 7th  Naomi Mitchell responded that their office has a lot of resources and has a constituent service that can be reached by calling 202-724-8072.  She also stated that her office produces job fairs twice a year.  The DC Job Fair will be held on February 20, 2015 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at Arena Stage, 1101 6th Street, SW.

      In response to the question about the potholes on 7th Street, Commissioner Padro responded that there is lot of utility work being done from N Street to Florida Avenue.  There is a DDOT streetscape project and the entire street will be ripped out which will take about 18 months to complete.

  3. other NEW BUSINESS



    MOTION: It was moved and seconded that the Minutes of the
    ANC 6E Public Meeting of January 6, 2015 be approved with corrections to be submitted to the Secretary.  The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Padro, Maceda, Nigro, Wiggins, and Barnes)   – 0 nays – 0 abstentions.

  • approval of treasurer’s report

    Commissioner Chapple was absent. Chair Maceda reported that the balance in the checking account is over $50,000 and that the maximum ANC 6E grant is $1,500.00.

  1. approval of expenses

    MOTION: Commissioner Padro moved and Commissioner Wiggins seconded that the invoice submitted by Karen Jehle in the amount of $125.00 for recording services for the ANC 6E February 3, 2015 Public Meeting be approved.  The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Padro, Maceda, Wiggins, Nigro, and Barnes) – 0 nays – 0 abstentions.

  • announcements

    • Commissioner Nigro stated that her Single Member District meeting will be held on February 19, 2015 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Third Street Church of God, 1204 3rd Street, NW, and that her guest will be Ward 6 Councilmember Charles Allen.
    • Commissioner Padro stated that the Friends of Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library will be having a book sale on February 14, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. All proceeds go toward obtaining more books for the library.
  • next meeting

    Tuesday, March 3, 2015, Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Neighborhood Library, 1630 7th Street, NW, 6:30 p.m.


    MOTION:   There being no further business to come before the Commission, Commissioner Maceda moved and Commissioner Barnes seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The Motion passed unanimously, 5 yeas (Commissioners Padro, Maceda, Wiggins, Nigro, and Barnes) – 0 nays – 0 abstentions.