Letter of Support for 1620 7th St. NW

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E

ANC 6E04: Rachelle Nigro, Chair

ANC 6E01: Alexander Padro, Vice Chair

ANC 6E05: Marge Maceda, Secretary

ANC 6E02: Kevin Chapple, Treasurer

ANC 6E03: Frank Wiggins

ANC 6E06: Alvin Judd

ANC 6E07: Alfreda Judd

P.O. Box 26182

Ledroit Park Station

Washington, DC 20001


April 30, 2013


Gretchen Pfaehler, Chair

Historic Preservation Review Board

Office of Planning

1100 4th Street SW, #E650

Washington, DC 20024


Re: 1620 7th St. NW


Dear Chair Pfaehler and Members of the Historic Preservation Review Board:


The Commissioners of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E appreciate the opportunity to express our support for the new construction at 1620 7th St. NW.  At the April 3rd 2013 public meeting where a quorum was met ANC 6E passed a motion, 6-0-0, in support the current proposed concept for a new three story building with the condition that the architect continue to work with Office of Historic Preservation to enhance the retail store front area design. We are in favor of a more traditional design that would be similar to the historic look of the neighborhood.


Please contact me if you have further questions.







Rachelle P. Nigro

Commissioner,  ANC 6E04


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