ANC 6E Is On The Move For 2016!

The January ANC 6E meeting will be on Tuesday, January 5th at 6:30pm at the NW One Library located at 155 L St. NW.  We will meet at the NW One Library for 2016.  We hope to see you there!


Election of Officers, Lydia Goring presiding

  1. Call to Order, Attendance/Approval of Agenda/Approval of Minutes
  2. PSA Reports
  3. ABRA:   Ambar New License
  4. ABRA: Variety Store change of License
  5.  Zoning: Presentation for  317 K Street Hotel/Condo
  6. Zoning:  901 5th Street Hotel
  7. Zoning: Sursum Corda :   Update
  8. Treasurers Report
  9. Old Business
  10. New Business
  11. Next Meeting February 1, 2015
  12. Announcements
  13. Adjourn