POSTED DATE Oct 31 2013

Agenda for November 6th ANC Meeting! Come check it out!


Wednesday, November 6, 2013 6:30pm

Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library, 1630 7th St.  NW

Meeting Agenda


  1. Call to Order and Roll Call
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. PSA Report: Metropolitan Police Department, 1D and 3D
  4. Discussion of new polling places for 6E04 and 6E06 with the Board of Elections
  5. Resolution that District Department of Transportation provide the residents of ANC 6E a new Visitor Parking Pass for 2014 and discussion of the parking zones.
  6. Presentation on the new development at 445 M St NW.
  7. Presentation on new development at 4th and K St. NW.
  8. Presentation on Lake Shaw Temporary Ice Skating Rink, 925 Rhode Island Avenue, NW
  9. Mandalay Restaurant, 1501 9th Street, NW: Request for Support for Sidewalk Cafe Permit (DDOT) and Outdoor Seating Permit (ABRA).
  10. Dacha Beer Garden, 1600 7th Street, NW: Request for support for Historic Preservation review for new construction.
  11. Letter of Support for an ADA Curb Ramp at 1100 New Jersey Ave. to DDOT.
  12. Support for Liquor License Renewal for numerous ANC 6E bars/restaurants.
  13. Letter of Support for Gottlieb Simon nomination for the Cafritz Award.
  14. Letter of Congratulations for Shiloh Baptist Church 150th Anniversary.
  15. New Business
  16. Old Business
  17. Discussion of moving the monthly ANC 6E meeting to the Golden Rule Plaza Community Room
    1. Approval of Quarterly Report
    2. Approval of Expenses
    3. Approval of Minutes-October
    4. Announcements
    5. Next Meeting
    6. Adjournment


Rachelle P. Nigro, Chair (6E04), Alexander M. Padro, Vice Chair (6E01),

Marge Maceda, Secretary (6E05), Kevin Chapple, Treasurer (6E02), Frank Wiggins (6E03),

 Alvin Judd, (6E06), Alfreda Judd (6E07)


Commissioner Contact Information

6E01 Commissioner Alexander M. Padro:, 202-518-3794

6E02 Commissioner Kevin L. Chapple:, 202-449-5072

6E03 Commissioner Frank S. Wiggins:, 202-658-1560

6E04 Commissioner Rachelle Nigro:, 202-670-1732,,

Twitter: @nigroanc6e

6E05 Commissioner Marge Maceda:, 202-360-7404

6E06 Commissioner Alvin Judd: 301-440-3836

6E07 Commissioner Alfreda S. Judd: 202- 628-6717