POSTED DATE Jul 24 2017

ANC 6E04 Election

The DC Board of Elections has certified three candidates for the election to fill the ANC 6E04 Single Member District vacancy created by the resignation of Lily Roberts  The candidates’ names, addresses, and phone numbers are as follows:

Miguel A. Ayala, 1115 6th Street, NW #3, 202-279-0647

David Jaffe, 216 N Street, NW, 847-544-8827

Sterlicia Rodney, 1111 McCullough Court, NW #303, 202-271-7343

At its public meeting held on July 5, 2017, the Commission adopted the following rules for the conduct of the election consistent with recommendations received from the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6E

Special Election Procedures to Fill the Vacancy in SMD 6E04

Date and Place of the Election:  The election will be held during the regularly scheduled monthly meeting of ANC 6E on September 5, 2017.  The meeting will be held at the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library, 1630 7th Street, NW, Meeting Room 1 (Lower Level), Washington, DC 20001.

Eligibility to Vote:  The election will be open to registered voters of SMD 6E04 only.  Potential voters must present themselves at the polling place and must have either a Board of Elections (BOE) voter identification card showing that they are registered to vote in SMD 6E04 or be listed as a voter in SMD 6E04 on the voter registration list provided by the BOE.

The Candidates:   The order of the names on the ballot will be in alphabetical order.  On the day of the election, each candidate or their representatives will be able to greet voters and answer questions outside the entrance to the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library.  No electioneering will be permitted inside the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library or Meeting Room 1 at the Watha T. Daniel/Shaw Library.  Ballots may only be cast for candidates certified by the BOE; in accordance with the ANC law, there will be no write-ins.

Eligibility of Voters:  As voters enter the meeting room, they will be checked to determine whether their name is on the BOE voter registration list or whether they have a voter identification card indicating they are registered in SMD 6E04.  If their name is on the list, they will enter their signature on the list opposite their name.  Those whose names are not on the list but who have a voter identification card will enter their names, addresses, and signatures on a separate sheet.  Those whose names are not on the list and who also do not have a voter identification card will not be given a ballot.

Voting:  Casting of ballots, supplied by the ANC, will commence at 6:35 PM.  A ballot box will be placed in the meeting room where it can be observed by all present at the meeting.  The candidates or their representatives may check the ballot box before voting begins to assure that it is empty.  Each candidate will be permitted one observer (the candidate or a designee of the candidate) to observe the voting process, but the observer will not be permitted to interrupt or interfere with the voting, and will not be permitted to communicate directly or indirectly with any voter.  All ballots must be placed in the ballot box or returned to the election manager, who will make note of the returned ballot and the reasons for it.  The election manager will have authority to replace spoiled ballots.  The Chairperson shall appoint a representative of the Office of Advisory Neighborhood Commissions as the election manager.  Voting will continue until the polls close at 7:35 pm.  Anyone still in line waiting to register at 7:35 pm will be allowed to vote if otherwise qualified.

Counting the Votes:  The ballot box will remain closed until the polls have closed.  After the voting ends, the ballot box will be opened, and the votes will be counted by at least two impartial vote counters.  The candidates or their representatives may observe the counting of the votes.  The results will then be submitted to and read aloud by the Chairperson of the ANC. The election manager will report to the Commission any unresolved issues not addressed by these rules.  The Commission will take action to resolve these issues before the end of the meeting.  In the event of a tie vote, in accordance with the DC Official Code, the candidates or their proxies will cast lots (e.g. draw slips of paper from a box or flip a coin) to determine the winner.  In the event of any incident or occurrence that threatens the conduct or fairness of the election or the vote count, the election manager will be authorized to suspend the balloting or counting of ballots.

Filling the Vacancy:  Following the results of the election, the ANC will vote on a resolution stating the name of the winner and asking the Board of Elections to declare the vacancy filled.

After the meeting, the Commission must transmit the resolution to the Board of Elections, the Mayor, the Council of the District of Columbia, and the Commissioner Elect. The elected Commissioner must be sworn in by a Councilmember prior to assuming his or her official duties.candidate